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DM Back Magnet


DM Back Magnet

  • DM Back Magnet 
  • Manufactured with high quality materials 
  • Flexible 4" x 6" Magnetic Therapy Pad is light enough to wear comfortably all day
  • Designed to fit Lower Back Area
  • Magnets are used by professional athletes and thousands of non-athletes every day

The flexible unipole therapy magnet (2450 gauss mfg. rating), is 4" x 6", with Velcro on the plus side. The Velcro on the magnet will hook into a DM Cool Wrap to stay where you want it. Will fit upper back, lower back. The negative magnetic force is directed toward surface area of the body. This flexible magnetic therapy pad can be used to cover many areas of the body. Great for use on upper and lower back. Many report comfort for back pain, inflammation, back aches, stiffness and spasms. Discover Magnetics brand. Made in the USA.



DM Back Magnet Item # 2503 Price:$25.00 

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