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DM Magnetic Pet Pads

  • Home use Pet Pad

  • Kennel Pad / Carrier Pet Pad

  • 3950 gauss rated magnets

  • High density foam

  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
As a pet owner, I have witnessed my cat seek out his own comfort by sleeping on a unipole magnet. Magic, part Maine Coon Cat suffers ear problems. Our veterinarian has removed a tumor from the one ear, but stated that it could grow again. When Magic’s ear bothers him - he will often rub it, scratch at it - a fairly common reaction with cats. One day he found one of the ceramic block magnets laying on the bed and he immediately laid down with his sore ear on the magnet. As I wondered if he was truly seeking comfort or relief, over the next two days I moved the magnet to several different locations - even hiding it under a towel. He would search until he located the magnet and rest for several hours with his head on the 3950 gauss ceramic block magnet. Within a few days his ear stopped hurting as he no longer sought out this “spot” to sleep on.    

Pets have problems too! For years, horse trainers have known about and used magnetics to aid in the healing process of race horses that suffer leg problems. Veterinarians use magnets to increase healing on animals. 
As pets age, they often suffer aches and pains. If you have an older pet that suffers from stiffness or has health problems. Try magnetic pads for your aging pets.

Pet Pads are made with removable covers for easy cleaning. High density foam ensures long lasting comfort for your pet. 3950 gauss rated magnets. Shown above (right photo) is Muff the cat on the Pet Pad  laying in a chair, As you can see by the curve it will conform to fit the area. Made in the USA.
Pads shipped direct from factory.


Home use Magnetic Pet Pads
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