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DM Water Treatment Magnet Kit


DM Water Magnet

  • DM Water Treatment Magnet Kit
  • Magnetically condition water 
  • Attachment system, Treatment Magnet, and Instructions

This 3950 gauss magnet is used to treat water. There are many benefits from treating water with magnetics, reduce chemical treatment, reduce scale build-up in pipes and tanks, soften water effect. The magnet fits on a water pipe in your home, swimming pool, spa, hot tub or water heater tank. Magnetized water is believed to be beneficial for good health by many people. Depending on size of your house and application of use more than one may be needed. The kit contains, attachment system, Treatment Magnet, and instructions. Money Back Guarantee. Made in the USA. 
Note: This product only shipped to the an USA address.



DM Water Treatment Magnet Kit 
Item # 5235 Price:$70.00

No longer available

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