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Discover Magnetics imports many magnetic products including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings and other magnetic products. We can quote wholesale prices for any of the Discover Magnetics brand of magnetic jewelry or magnetic therapy products that we sell on this web site. Also we have available many other styles of jewelry that are not displayed on the web and other magnetic products.  We wholesale to qualified retail outlets only. For more information please contact us at 816.618.3499 or use the Feedback Form: click here.  

All Tectonic® items are in limited stock or no stock. If you operate a retail outlet and are looking for a wholesale source to replace the Tectonic® line of products we have available products made in the USA equal to or better than the original Tectonic® products. They are manufactured with high quality materials equal to the original Tectonic® line of products.

Please call us and we will quote wholesale prices for the products. 
Phone: 816.618.3499 or use the Feedback Form: click here.

If you have any questions use the Feedback Form: click here.


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